Last on Card – November 2022


What else, leftovers, of course. This, like so many of its ilk would just sit there among good and interesting photos, untouched and unloved. Just there for some future date to provide a chuckle.

So go ahead and chuckle. Courtesy of bushboys world, who encourages one and all to share the Last Photo for November 2022.

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck


Last on Card – September 2022

“Morning Light”

If it were not for bushboys world this photo would have wound up in the trash bin. According to the rules no explanation is necessary. I will explain it nevertheless.

It was the morning of the 28th of September. I opened my garage. The sunlight was filtering through the trees. There was a huge spiderweb in the corner. The strands glistened beautifully. A good thing, otherwise I might have walked right into the web. I took out my iPhone. Of course, it did not want to focus on the web, nor the spider. I managed to get it to focus on the garage door and carefully panned back to the web. What looked magnificent to me obviously did not impress the camera. I figured that the light would fail before I could get back with my real camera. So I just ignored the photo. Until I was reminded of bushboy’s challenge.

Nothing much.

Ah well. Maybe on another day.

P.S. The spider abandoned the web – catching a car was not a proper lunch.

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck

One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-October 2022

At the car show

In my “review-these archive” for personal project “Street Photography” there was this photo from a car show eight years go. The original is rather underexposed and has distracting clutter, but I decided to re-process it for the project. I could not help myself and played with the image. Finally added the re-processed color version to the project and moved the rest to my “SPECIAL” folder. Maybe I would do a post about black-and-white options.

Then today I saw Cee’s entry for the “One-to-Three Photo Processing Challenge-October 2022“. I was intrigued. The images I had played with immediately came to mind.

So here they are. Normally no amount of torture would get me to share a photo SOOTC – straight out of the camera – without any post-processing. But for this challenge I shallowed my pride and made a jpg conversion of the RAW image. Here it is:

Car Show – Norcross

As I said, it is underexposed and has extraneous elements around the sides. Although shot at ISO 200 there would be plenty of noise noticeable when the exposure is brought up. I opened the photo in the new Topaz Photo AI. This program does a good job in analyzing and correcting for noise and some other parameters. It aggressively reduced the noise but did not address the underexposure. I took the output image to PaintShop Pro 2023. That editor has a “Smart Photo Fix” feature (under Enhance Photo), which also use AI to suggest basic improvements. PSP immediately came up with a very usable image. I boosted the exposure a tad more. Then I did a crop and I had my photo for my project:

Car show – Norcross

That powerful blue car just captures the viewer. I wondered what I could do with it in black-and-white. PaintShop Pro has a very nice tool, Effects – Photo Effects – Black and White Film – that allows modifying a color image with essentially an infinite variety of filtration.

Placing the dot anywhere in the color wheel instantly shows the resulting filtration. See the yellow arrow in the illustration here. That setting provides yellow filtration. The closer to the rim the narrower the color selection. In the center the conversion is color neutral. Here are two versions, with narrow blue, and narrow red. You can see how the colors are rendered differently. A really neat tool!

using BLUE filter – the blue car appears white
using RED filter – the blue car appears black

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck

Fall has come

The days are already shorter than the nights. Fall is here. Nothing says fall better than goldenrod.

Here is a nod to Cee’s FOTD challenge – these photos fresh from the iPhone this morning.

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck

On the Road

On the Road – Cosmic Photo Challenge

Well, that evening trip last week already resulted in a post for the topic “In the Evening“. Here are some photos that also fit the Cosmic Photo Challenge “On the Road”.

Shucks, here is one from last week. It might even fit better than the others.

On the Road

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck


Selecting photos for publication is sometimes a taxing process. I had been spending quite some time today and just decided to take a break. So, I decided to see what my friends are up to. A post from Cee came up with the topic “curve”, “One Word Sunday Challenge – Curve“. Hey, I had just come across two of my photos that fit the theme, couldn’t decide whether they should be in my street photography project or not.

Cee got the nudge from the Travel with Intent blog by Debbie Smyth, specifically the One Word Sunday post “Curve”.

Here then is my modest contribution.

Will these make it into my project? You just have to keep checking Ludwig.Gallery to see. Photos for my Street Photography project are published one a day. Keep checking.

.:. © 2022 Ludwig Keck




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