Views around our bridge in Peachtree Corners

Lines and Circles
Patterns in Steel and Light
Tower at the Bridge
Bridge at Evening

.:. © 2021 Ludwig Keck

Peach Blossoms

Peach Blossoms

To heed the name of this blog, here are views of peach blossoms as photographed with a Nikon D800 with a Tamron 90mm macro lens and an Apple iPhone 7.

First a couple of wide views.

Peach Blossom – iPhone 7 – 4.0 mm f/1.8 1/2817 sec ISO 20
Peach Blossom – Nikon D800 Tamron 90 mm macro – f/16 1/100 sec ISO 200

Now a couple of crops from these frames

Peach Blossom – iPhone 7 – 4.0 mm f/1.8 1/2817 sec ISO 20 – CROP
Peach Blossom – Nikon D800 Tamron 90 mm macro – f/16 1/100 sec ISO 200 – CROP

And a couple more – one from each camera.

Peach Blossom – iPhone 7 – 4.0 mm f/1.8 1/3300 sec ISO 20 – CROP
Peach Blossom – Nikon D800 Tamron 90 mm macro – f/3.5 1/2500 sec ISO 200 – CROP

And one more.

Peach Blossom – Nikon D800 Tamron 90 mm macro – f/8 1/500 sec ISO 200 – CROP

.:. © 2021 Ludwig Keck

Challenge 2020 – 10


This final installment of the Challenge 2020 series takes us to the Parthenon. Not the one in Athens, Greece, but the full size replicate in Nashville. Tennessee.

Parthenon – Nashville

This last photo tells you why there are no photos from the inside here. Maybe next time.

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

Challenge 2020 – 9

Cumberland Pass

Challenge 9 takes us to the historic Cumberland Pass, at the place where Tennessee, Virginia, and Kentucky meet. Here in this title image we are looking down at the town of Cumberland Pass from the Pinnacle Overlook. You can see from the rocks in the foreground that this is not an aerial photo.

Look closer at the town:

The pass and the town have been reshaped by history again and again. The pioneers came on horseback and with wagons. They laboriously built a road to open the way to the west. This became the legendary gateway across the Appalachian mountains. Then came the railroad and the tunnel builders. The railroad was updated and rerouted. You can see the modern tracks on the right in the image. If you look closely you will see shadow on the main street – apparently from a box. That is a covered bridge on an earlier railway right-of-way. Let you eye follow to the right and you will see another covered bridge. Let’s visit that one.

In the distance beyond the town, in the top image, you can see the modern interstate highway. Nowadays we are oblivious of the pain and travails the folks in earlier days had to go through.

It is just a quick dash through the modern tunnel, hardly any need to slow down.

On top of the “gap”, the renowned pass, looked like this a hundred years ago. We see it on a trail-side sign.

The old road has been turned over to nature. There is just a hiking path there now, almost the way it was in the pioneer days.

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

Challenge 2020 – 8


This challenge takes us to the Woodford Reserve Distillery in Versailles, KY.

Rather than retell my stories I will just send you to several of my prior posts.

The full story of my visit, way back in 2015, was told in this post: Making Bourbon.

Woodford Reserve Distillery – visitor center

Then more recently, over on Monday Window – Windows at a distillery

And also right here in this blog as part of the Monday Window series back in 2016: Monday Window – 20

Guess I must have whet your appetite by now. How about a taste?

Tasting room

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

Challenge 2020 – 7

Abbey Church

Monastery Church

This challenge takes us to the Abbey Church at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit near Conyers, Georgia.

This concrete church, as well as the other structures, were built by the monks in the years 1944 to 1959. They still maintain a stained glass studio and provide windows to other churches, organizations and private buyers.

The windows in this church are plain panels, predominately blue. This gives the sanctuary a calm. cool light.

.:. © 2020 Ludwig Keck

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