Monday Window – 36

Shuttered Windows

That title is not correct, these windows are not shuttered, you say? Ha, so we start with a quick English lesson. Yes, my friends, especially those of you who see this in translation, the English language is a many-splendored thing. There is hardly a word that has but one meaning. “Shuttered”, the adjective, has two meanings. I quote from the Collins English Dictionary:

1. adjective – A shuttered window, room, or building has its shutters closed. …
2. adjective – A shuttered window, room, or building has shutters fitted to it. …

Just to make things difficult, “shuttered” is also the past tense of the verb “shutter”.

shutter — verb (transitive)
7. to close with or as if with a shutter or shutters
8. to equip with a shutter or shutters

That last definition implies the noun “shutter”:

shutter – noun
1. a hinged doorlike cover, often louvred and usually one of a pair, for closing off a window

So there, end of lesson? Not quite. Although I chose to use the bolded meanings, these too are not quite correct. Once upon a time windows did indeed have shutters. When a storm came up it was a simple task to swing the shutters closed and latch them. The windows would then be safe from flying debris. Somehow that came into disuse. Nowadays shutters are mostly decorative items. Some still have hinges to make them look realistic but they lack the latching hardware that would secure them in inclement weather. Many indeed are hard-mounted to the side of the windows, some are not even sized to fit the windows. No protection there at all, no utility, just looks. Ah, vanity ….




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